About Me

Kelley Mooney-In The Studio-March-2015-012-PYes, it’s true.  I have a shoe problem.  They say that admitting it is half the battle.  Well, I’m no Imelda Markos, but I’ve been called that.  I think I’m up to well over 280 pairs of shoes and boots; I’m afraid to count, because then I’ll have to tell people the truth if they ask me.    Oh, who am I kidding!  I LOVE my shoes –  Every single pair!  I love them all, and I’m going to continue to add to the count until there’s no place to put them all.  I even wrote a song about them. Which brings me to my next habit.

Making coherent, musical sounds started when I was about 5 years old at a restaurant in Canton, Massachusettes.  There was a band playing, and Dad convinced them to let me sing Country Roads.  So there began my career.

I really started raking in the dough in the kitchen where I’d get paid a quarter per song when company came over.  Do you know how many songs it takes to buy a guitar?  Too many, so I worked at planting, hoeing, and picking tobacco and bought my 12 string Takamine when I was 14 from money I earned in the tobacco fields.  Whoa… I think there’s a country song in there somewhere.

I did the circuit; talent contests, benefits, weddings, concerts, festivals and funerals, and in 1983, I was invited to participate on a compilation album of PEI artists called “Our Songs”.   I sang “We’ll Make Happiness”, a song I wrote when I was 14 years old.  I was then catapulted into stardom, appearing as a guest on “Sounds of the Island”; a weekly musical variety CBC television series which aired in the early 1980s.  Then in 1984, I was invited to sing for Pope John Paul II during his visit to Halifax, Nova Scotia.  That was an incredible experience; climbing all those stairs to the stage…

I grew up and moved away like so many young Islanders do.  I came home from Montréal every summer and in the summer of 1990, I recorded my first album – or shall I say CASSETTE (I know you youngsters probably don’t even know what that is), called “We’ll Make Happiness”.

So skip ahead to 2011 and I released my 2nd effort called “Tomorrow”.  My thinking in doing this album was that if I was going to do this, I was going to do it the way I wanted.  So, it took over a year at Jon Matthews’ Big Grey Sound Studios in Charlottetown PEI (now The Sound Mill Recording Studio in Emyvale, PEI)  and it’s been worth every second and nickel spent.  There are 13 tracks on the album, and I really couldn’t be happier with it.

And now, I’m so pleased to have gone back to Jon Matthews and recorded  my 3rd album – “Still”.  This is a very personal album brought about by a serious illness (ulcerative colitis, but I’m alright now).  I spent 9 weeks in the hospital and discovered that all my shoes don’t matter much if I’m too weak to walk.  It’s faith, hope and love.  Mostly love.  And puppies.

I finally recorded my Dad’s request – a Christmas album called “Caroling” and released that in November 2017.  I love each and every track on it, and am especially proud of the 2 originals; a Christmas Lullaby for my now 17 year old stepdaughter, and the song that was inspired by the cover, called Christmas in the Country.

So we’ve determined that I love my shoes and I love to sing.  I also love my husband and red-haired stepdaughter.  So when I’m not trying on my shoes or singing, I’m watching the airplanes take off pretty much right next door to our house on our sprawling ½ acre estate in East Royalty, Prince Edward Island.

Thanks for stopping by and come on back now, ya hear?