CAROLING – Brand new Christmas CD!


October 23rd, 2017

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Ok, this is it, folks!  My very first Christmas record is finally done, being pressed and will be in my grubby little hands on Oct. 30 – just in time for my launch concert on November 4.  I’m pretty excited to say the least.

Christmas at the Mooney house is my favorite time of year.  We have tons of food – I bring paté, yummy cheeses and crackers, Mom makes meat pie that I LOVE, and there are wine glasses and napkins all over the house.  Everybody comes together and just IS together.

I remember as a kid being so excited to be allowed to stay up so late to go to Midnight Mass – mostly because

after Mass, we’d come home and be allowed to open one gift on Christmas Eve.  When we got older and Mass was moved to 7 or 8pm, we’d all go to church, sing in the choir, come home and the house would fill with family and neighbors.  The fire marshall would have had a field day in our house – jammed to the rafters!  Then me or my sister would get on the piano and the songs would begin.

I miss those days, but I love these days.  We’re all older and have families and traditions of our own… but every Christmas Eve, we still come home.

Now here’s the thing… I’ve been very fortunate and I know it.  I have a wonderful family, lots of food in the cupboard and a stupidly large Christmas tree in the living room every year.  There are so many who aren’t so blessed.  So I’m so very happy to say that I’m able to present this concert FREE OF CHARGE!  Check out the events calendar for more details.  (yes, I wrote the very same message there too… I thought it was pretty good!)

What would be nice, though, is for folks to bring some non-perishable food items for our Food Bank here in Charlottetown or a cash donation.

Trinity United Church holds 900 people – let’s fill it up with people and food!