January 27th, 2016

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Well, this is pretty cool, alright.  This is my first ECMA nomination – for those of you not from the East Coast, ECMA is East Coast Music Awards and yesterday, it was announced that I was nominated in the Gospel Album of the Year award!  I’m just so happy about that for a lot of reasons, but mostly because this record is just so personal and it’s very rewarding to know that people all over the place share a lot of the same experiences.  Just so you can get a better idea of ECMA, here is the link for you to have a peek and see what it’s all about:  ECMA.

NominationThis is what I did to my husband yesterday … I thought it was hilarious!  He’s so proud of me – pretty great husband.  And he plays with my hair all the time.  Well, it was in the vows, so he pretty much has to.

You know, I’m pretty lucky.  How did I get to be so fortunate.  Thank you to everybody who ever listened to anything I ever sang / anyone who ever came to a show / anyone who forwarded a video… People are nice and good and kind and today, I’m pretty happy to be a human.

There’s just one problem with this whole ECMA thing… WHAT SHOES AM I GONNA WEAR??