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ECMAs are coming!


March 30th, 2014

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I’m so excited that this year’s East Coast Music Awards are being held here in Charlottetown, PEI!  Even though I haven’t got a new release to unleash to the world and promote, I’m happy to say that I’ve still shoved my face in where ever I could!

I’m so lucky to have found the best piano player, I think, on the PEI.  Johnny Ross has joined me on stage (and I’ve joined him) quite a few times in the past couple of years, and I’m happy to say, we’re going to continue together for the foreseeable future.  We’ve got a couple of shows coming up over ECMAs:

Thursday, April 3:  7pm at Baba’s just me & Johnny Ross with some country tunes for the 150 hour jam (45 minutes)

Friday, April 4:  11pm, again at Baba’s.  (45 minutes) This one is with a brand-spankin new band called Lady Soul.  Yup, you guessed it – we’re a soul band, and I can NOT wait to bust out some shoes for this one!  I’ll tell you more about Lady Soul in a sec.

Saturday, April 5:  1 pm at the Arts Guild (20 minutes), again, me & Johnny with a little more country.

Sunday, April 6:  1pm at Baba’s, again with Lady Soul for the Soul Brunch during the 150 hour jam.

And not only do I get to perform myself, I have the honor of being asked to backup Tonya Kennedy.  A NFLD-born artist who is nominated this year for Country Recording of the Year.  She’s a wonderful person, and extremely dedicated artist, and a great talent. Check her out at  You’ll LOVE her!  She’s playing:

Friday, April 4:  8pm on the Country Stage at the Factory

Saturday, April 5:  8:45 pm on the NL stage, also at the Factory

ECMA week is a fantastic time – there’s so much music everywhere you turn – don’t miss it!  There are tons of venues, and you can check everything out at

See you round, folks!  And don’t forget to look at my feet;  sure as can be, I’ll be rocking some fabulous shoes!