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Gospel Music in the Air

  • Location:Oyster Bed Bridge, PEI
  • Venue:Oyster Bed Bridge Raceway

Gospel Music In The Air


Sunday, Aug. 3, 2 – 4:30 p.m.

Raceway Park, Oyster Bed Bridge

Outside Concert Featuring:

  • Elvis (Mike Bravener) Impersonator
  • Kelley Mooney – Hallelujah
  • Eddy Doiron
  • Gary Chipman
  • Backup – Brian Knox, Brian Langille, Heartz Godkin, Johnny Ross (King of the Keyboard)

Info. And Advance Tickets 902-569-1878.

Food & Beverage Service on Site

Use our regular seating or bring your own chairs or blankets to be up front.

ELVIS is back!

Well not the one and only, but a good likeness is at Raceway Park, Oyster Bed Bridge to sing and host a first outside Gospel Music Concert afternoon.

Elvis (Mike Bravener), Kelley Mooney, Eddy Doiron and Gary Chipman will each provide some great Gospel style songs and music. You will hear songs such as Hallelujah, Walk a Mile in My Shoes, Lord You Gave Me a Mountain, Put Your Hand in the Hand, One Day at a Time, Peace in the Valley, I Saw the Light and Will the Circle Be Unbroken.

Our host, Elvis (Mike Bravener), brings with him a gospel -based past with the nice touch of a great voice with Elvis qualities. He will provide us with not just music but also some short stories on the positive side of life. Mike has an oldie rock band but also performs wedding services and is an Elvis Tribute artist. Like Elvis, he has a great stage presence. Please click here for his bio!

We are fortunate to have, in our own P.E.I., a lady of music who is presently acquiring world recognition with her song Hallelujah, Kelley Mooney. Hallelujah is a beautiful song with words written by Kelley about the Easter message.  Kelley’ voice is one with amazing strength and she will sing songs of gospel and recent experiences.

Another well-known Island favourite, Eddy Doiron, will be performing. He has performed for everyone, including the Queen, in 1967. Ed performs with his wife Linda on keyboard, by themselves and frequently with other musicians at various concerts.

Gary Chipman is a song-writer, singer, guitarist and fiddle player extraordinaire! Gary’s musical talent has been heard throughout North America where he has played with the likes of John Alan Cameron, Gene McLellan, Stompin Tom and Anna McGoldrick. He is a major player in organizing the program for this concert.

All of our performers are fortunate in that we have great backup musicians. Johnny Ross, alias (King of the Keyboard), has performed with many artists plus doing his own shows and can play pretty much whatever he desires. (Keep an eye on his dancing feet!!!) Both a music teacher and performer, Brian Langille, with his lead guitar, will be with us to back up and add to all our singing artists. Well known Heartz Godkin will bring his bass guitar and talents to the event. Last, but certainly not least, Brian Knox will be there with his drums. He always adds a beat for us to follow in all types of music.

The idea behind this outside Gospel music event is to bring together some of the Maritime’s great musical talent and showcase it to the public. Nothing matches an afternoon of top-notch musicians and that feel-good feeling. Be there, we are offering both!