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Solo Concert – July 22

  • Location:Victoria By The Sea
  • Venue:Victoria Playhouse
  • Length:07:30 pm – 07:30 pm

SOOO excited to have this country concert at the beautiful Victoria Playhouse in Victoria By the Sea!  This concert is going to feature a FULL BAND including these crazy cats:

Jon Matthews – I love this guy.  Multi-instrumentalist, awesome singer, funny funny funny, AND a gifted recording studio owner/producer and engineer of the Sound Mill .  He’s done all of my records and I just love him to pieces!

Kirk White – THE drummer who has also played on my last 2 records.  He’s also the drummer for another band we’re in together, Lady Soul and he’s magnificent!

Johnny Ross – SO fun to watch him play the piano!  Click on his name for information about the Ross Family Ceilidhs throughout the summer.

Allison Kelly – one of my favorite people on the planet.  A beautiful singer, Allison is a Charlottetown-based freelance musician performing as a vocalist and instrumentalist in various ensembles including PEI’s award-winning women’s choral ensemble, Sirens (sirenschoir.com), Luminos Ensemble (luminosensemble.com), Kelley Mooney & Friends, Indian River Festival Chorus, the PEI Symphony Orchestra and more.


We’ll be doing tunes from my albums, some country faves, AND we’ll hear from Jon, Allison and Johnny.  Can’t wait!