Grove Community Church concert, Greensboro, North Carolina


December 10th, 2015

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Well, weren’t these just the nicest people I ever met!

What a lovely church and very special folks that were inside it with me.  It wasn’t a big crowd, but, man were they great!  But I do have to say that the time leading up to it was the best.  I made some quite excellent new friends, and reconnected with some old ones… wait… THEY’RE not old, it’s just that we’ve met before!  OK, you know what I mean!

I laughed my butt off 2015-11-19 15.00.04when we got to the church in the afternoon to set and do sound check and the first thing I see is this giant banner of ME in front of the church, posted by the road for the world to see!  Check it out…

I was just tickled pink, and was so happy when they gave it to me!  I drove from there, to Charlotte, to Nashville and home with this giant banner of me in the back seat!    And these lovely ladies sitting on the tailgate of the truck filled with food from the concert are just the best ever.  I can’t thank then all enough; from left to right are Karen, me, Denise & Barbara.  IMG_1406[1]

Missing from this pic is one of the most hilarious people I’ve ever met; Barbara’s daughter Alicia – she was taking all the pictures, and here we are in a selfie that she took cause my arms were too short!

2015-11-20 09.53.35 (2)

Lots of short jokes over those couple of days; Barbara’s family were all over 6 feet tall; needless to say, they had to reach stuff in the cupboards for me!

The concert itself was so nice!  They decorated the church with little twinkle lights and set a beautiful stage for me.  The crowd was just lovely and I almost jumped this one lady when she told me she was from Toronto and had moved to Greensboro.  It was the weirdest thing, but it felt like we were neighbors just because we were both from Canada!  I met a woman from Toronto at the Minto concert, and she was very nice, but I didn’t feel the need to hug her just because she was from Canada!  We all had a fantastic evening, food was donated for those who need it, and I had a fantastic nights’ sleep in the giant king size bed at Barbara’s house.  I didn’t want to leave the next morning, but I had to get to Charlotte for the next a final stop.  We took the picture of us on the tailgate of the truck, along with a pile of others, then we all stood in a circle holding hands and Denise said a prayer that included asking angels to surround my car for the rest of my trip.  It was a beautiful moment, and I was truly sad to leave them.

I will say this; throughout my whole trip, the only living thing I saw in my path was a little bunny rabbit hopping lazily across the street in a neighborhood in Charlotte.  So I think there were truly angels surrounding my car – 6700 kilometers, safe and sound.

Life’s good.