September 7th, 2017

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Well, I just don’t know what to say about what’s happened in Texas and what’s happening right now in the Caribbean and Florida.  My heart is broken for all who are going through this unimaginable event.  It seems completely unreal, looking at the pictures on TV – more like a movie than real life while I watch it unfold from my sheltered island, Prince Edward Island.  I feel so fortunate to live in a place where the worst we get are snow storms that knock the power out.  No tornados, hurricanes, major flooding, crippling weather of any kind, really.

CD Baby – the folks I deal with who sell my music and that of many, many others – are stepping up in a big, big way.  Between September 11-15, they are donating all their proceeds from all digital sales on their CD Baby music store to help victims of Hurricane Harvey.  The money collected will be given to the Red Cross who are actively working on the ground with Harvey victims. are actively working on the ground with Harvey victims.

Now this post from them came out just before Irma started; I would guess that proceeds are going to spread throughout the entire regions affected by both Harvey and Irma.

CDBaby has always been good to me and now I’m doubly glad that I went into business with them.  These are the kind of folks I want on my side.

Say a prayer.