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My Birthday!


November 8th, 2013

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So it was my birthday October 24 and I informed everyone I knew that I had decided it was my birthday week.  While most people ignored my declaration, my husband is still coming through!  During my birthday week, he bought me a cute pair of flats – grey pointy-toed flats with studs on the toe and heel – we went to dinner twice, and on the following Monday, he brought home a cake and flowers!  So lovely.


A few days before my birthday, my sister had us over for a birthday dinner.  It just so happens that her son’s birthday is Oct. 21, so we had a joint birthday dinner.  He got some stuff, yada yada yada, and I got these incredible shoes from her & my mother!  They are WICKED AWESOME!

Wicked shoes

See???  Aren’t they great!