Nashville, Here I Come!


February 15th, 2017

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Well, it’s 10 to 10 Tuesday night, Valentine’s Day and I’ll be leaving my husband tomorrow (NOT IN A BAD WAY!) for a week in Nashville with my sister, her husband and a few others and I just can’t wait! My flight’s at 6:25 am and I’m wondering whether or not to even go to bed as I’ll have to be at the airport about 5:30 am, meaning I’m up at 4:45 am. I consider myself lucky to be asleep by midnight or so, sooooo, to stay up? To go to sleep? Ok. Sleep it is.

I always get a little freaked before a big trip and tonight’s no different. I’m a grown up and still get nervous about packing. This may surprise you, but I tend to underpack. I just reviewed my bag and there is a glaring omission – NO HEELS! What was I thinking? I’ve got some awesome flats, but I’m in Nashville for an entire week, folks – and y’all KNOW I’ll be buying shoes and cowboy boots, but I’m pretty sure I should have a pair to fall back on anyway! We’re going to the Wild Horse Saloon (world-famous and a scene or two from the show Nashville was filmed there) and I BEST be wearin heels! Or my cowboy boots I bought during my last trip to Nashville? I guess we’ll see….

My husband’s pretty great; checking on the airplane to see if I need WestJet connect to watch tv; checking the weather in Nashville to see if I need a heavier jacket – by the way, it’s 9 – 24 degrees there for the next week, thank you very much.

It’s all good and I’m excited to go, but I will miss my baby. And my husband. KIDDING! The baby is my dog, Moe and I will miss her but I’ll miss my big baby, Bruce, the most!

Ok, so I’m hoping to get back on the BlueBird stage in Nashville for open mic night on Monday, Feb. 20 so send me all the good vibes you can!

I’ll give you the update when I get home! Take care y’all!