Nashville was a blastville!


June 23rd, 2017

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Well check THESE out…Nashville Boots!

So yes, I went to Nashville in February, and while I started to write you all a post about it, I never finished it and now it’s JUNE!  But I didn’t think it was fair to NOT show you my gorgeous cowboy boots! These boots are so awesome, that after I bought them, I went to one of the b’jillion places on Broadway that has live music all day long, and I pulled the boots out to show my sister, and the woman on stage actually gasped and pointed at my boots!  Best deal of the trip right there.

I got to play at the Bluebird Café – AGAIN!!  You know, that’s really an unbelievable experience.  To be on the same stage where so many greats have sung… kind of mind-blowing.

I went to the Opry twice.  The second night, there was a special surprise guest.  Randy Travis happened to be in the neighbourhood and wanted to stop by and say hi to his Opry family.  He walked out on stage with his wife on his arm and the capacity crowd (there was standing room only that night) leapt to its feet with absolutely thunderous applause.  It was a goose-bumpy moment not to be forgotten.

If you can believe it, it get better! I got to see a couple of my boys from the show, Nashville – only my favorite TV show of all time!  Charles Esten (Deacon) and Sam Palladio (Gunnar).  I had pretty decent seats that night – 14th row, I think – but that’s just not good enough when Deacon took the stage!  I leapt out of my seat when he walked on and I asked the usher if I could cop a squat right in front of the stage so I could take some pictures, and there I stayed – til the end!  So a big thank you to that lovely lady who knew full well what I was doing!

Sidebar: I’m pretty sure Deacon has the hots for me now…  we shared a look….  Ok, pathetic I know.

Did I mention the last time I went to the Opry on my first trip to Nashville – Larry Gatlin jumped off the stage and danced with me!

I did alright for my self shopping-wise too. Found some incredible consignment stores whose leases I paid for the upcoming year.  Some wicked jeans with enough sparkle on the butt that if I bend over, I may interfere with airplanes flying over; some cool jewellery and of course, shoes.  And shoes.  And shoes.  And boots.  And shoes.  Let’s see…. I think I bought 3 pair of boots and 7 pairs of shoes.

Had to rearrange my suitcase and carry on so as not to pay extra for overweight baggage on the way home.

So that, in a nutshell, was my trip.  It was a wonderful time and I got to share some of it with my sister and her husband and some other pretty cool folks from Nova Scotia.  I can’t wait to go back – Nashville, here I come!