On the Road


November 19th, 2015

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Well, I am just having the time of my life!

The tour started off with a show in my very own Montague, PEI on Nov. 8 with our gospel band, and it was just a lovely evening.  Not a big crowd, but they were just grand!  So kind!

The next show was in Moncton on Nov. 13 at this beautiful Church, St. John’s United Church.  Again, not a big crowd, but a really nice one.  And I had some special guests who were just incredible!  So by now, I guess it’s no secret that I was married before.  We are still great friends and I am just in love with his fiancee!  She’s a wonderful woman with a beautiful voice for jazz, and she opened the 1st and 2nd sets with these gorgeous songs that I had never heard before, and I’ll be honest; I was a little worried that she stole the show!  Her name is Isabelle Cormier, and I just love her to pieces!

The other special guest was the Chorale Voce dell’Anima; the choir I was blessed to sing Hallelujah with on the YouTube video.  They sang a moving piece, Breath of Heaven, then I joined them for Sarah MacLauchlan’s Arms of the Angel, then we finished the night with Hallelujah.  I had such a great time!

Jon Matthews & Johnny Ross came to Minto with me for a show on Nov. 15 at the Holy Rosary Catholic Church, and man, what a crowd!  They were so amazing!  They gave us 2 standing ovations and we went home very very happy!  What a bunch of nice folks there are in Minto!

I left Minto after trying to plow through 3 pancakes the size of my head (I got one of em down) and drove 9 hours to my cousin’s place in Franklin, Massachusetts.  She kindly put me up for the night and then I got back on the road Tuesday morning about 8:30.  I stopped at Starbucks and discovered that I had lost my phone.  To be sure, I tried to dial using bluetooth, and sure enough, it connected, so the phone had to be in the car.  Once it connected, I hung up and searched the car for the phone.  No phone.  Then it rang.  It was Dad, saying “did you call me?”  I told him what was going on and asked him to hang up and call me again so I could hear the phone buzzing and try to nail down its location.  He did, and I couldn’t find the phone.  He called again.  Still couldn’t find it.  Just phone it rang again, I remembered.

I had plugged the phone in to charge it and it was INSIDE the console.  DUHHHHH.  Oh well.  I smacked my head against the driver’s side window and got on the road again, headed for North Carolina.

Man, I love to drive.  I really, really do.  I drove a good 6 hours before I started to get tired, then I drove another hour.  I happened to be talking to my husband, Bruce, when I crossed into Pennslyvania and screamed, “I’m in Pennslyvania!!”  I wanted to take a picture of the sign, but we were on a bridge and I was driving – with the traffic – about 70 miles an hour or so…..

I finally stopped in Carlisle, just south of Harrisberg, at a Days Inn and slept like a baby.  Then, for breakfast, FREE breakfast, I had one of those make-it-yourself waffles that I love so much!  And the waitress had baked and brought goodies in for the guests – homemade molasses cookies!  And I was on the road again, headed for Greensboro, NC.

I left the hotel about 9 or so, drove for a bit, stopped for gas, then stopped again, looking for a Starbucks.  Found one, got back on the road for good at 10 and arrived just north of Greensboro in a gorgeous community called Summerfield where I am currently laying in a king-size bed, after a beautiful meal of home made lasagna and having just watched Nashville with the nicest bunch of folks south of PEI!  Again, it doesn’t get much better that this.

Tomorrow I’ll be doing a solo show at the Grove Community Church, where I’m told the congregation are a very informal bunch – they sound pretty cool and my kind of people.  I’m very much looking forward to it and will be sad to say goodbye to all my new friends come Friday morning when I head off to Charlotte for the last concert in this tour on Sunday, Nov. 22.

That’s it for now.  I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow night.

Goodnight, all.  Me and my belly full of lasagna are signing off.