PEI to North Carolina Tour!

So here’s the big news; I’m going to North Carolina and I’m so excited, I can hardly breathe!

Here’s the story:

It was last November (2014) when Mr. White, a lovely gentleman from Charlotte, North Carolina first e-mailed me to say how much he enjoyed “Hallelujah” and asked me if I would ever come to his church for Easter to sing “Hallelujah” and perhaps put on a concert.  I immediately said no because it’s too far / it’s too expensive / excuse / excuse / excuse.  Basically, I said no because I was scared.  Plain and simple.  Then I thought, “I’m not gettin any younger, and what good reason is there for not going?”  There wasn’t one, so I swallowed hard, ate my fear, and said that I would come as long as I could get a few more gigs along the way to help pay for the expense.

Sadly, other gigs did not materialize, and the trip fizzled.

North Carolina stayed on my mind for quite some time, and in the summer, I e-mailed Mr. White and asked if the invitation was still open, and what he thought about a November concert.  I had decided that if he and the church were open to it, I would book it, confirm it and go even if it were the only engagement I had.

And that’s what happened!  On Nov. 22, I’m playing at – get this – the LARGEST CHURCH IN THE UNITED STATES!  Yup, that’s right, folks.  St. Matthew’s Catholic Church in Charlotte North Carolina is the largest church in the US, and I’m putting on a concert there!

I guess it was meant to happen, because things just kind of fell into place after that.

I have a good friend who has a good friend who put me in touch with her good friend about doing a concert at their church just 1.5 hrs away from Charlotte in Greensboro, North Carolina and within one e-mail, that concert was confirmed for Nov. 19.

I thought I might have had another show in Greensboro, but it fell through.  However, that very same day, I was invited to play a concert in Minto, New Brunswick and then THAT concert was confirmed for Nov. 15.

And THENNNNN, I sang at a wedding in Montague, PEI one Saturday and asked the priest, Fr. Gerard Chaisson, if he’d be open to my group doing a concert in his church sometime, and THAT concert was confirmed for Nov. 8.

AND THENNNNNNNNN – I just wanted one more concert to round it out to 5 shows, and I found a lovely, beautiful church in Moncton, New Brunswick and THAT concert is confirmed for Nov. 13.

So here it is in date order:

  1. Nov. 8 St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Montague, PE
    With the band – Jon Matthews, Brian Knox, Peter Burke and Heartz  Godkin
  2. Nov. 13 St. John’s United Church, Moncton, NB
    I’m hoping to have the choir that I sang with on the Hallelujah video, Chorale Voce dell ‘amina join me on “Hallelujah”
  3. Nov. 15 Holy Rosary Catholic Church, Minto, NB
  4. Nov. 19 Grove Community Church, Greensboro, NC
  5. Nov. 22 St. Matthew’s Catholic Church, Charlotte, NC

By the way, all of these concerts will support their local food banks through a food donation as part of the admission.

I am a very lucky person. I’ve never been hungry; as a matter of fact, I’m sorry to say that I’ve thrown out food that’s gone bad and there are crackers in my cupboard that, I’m sure, are older than I am. I’ve never had to access the food bank, but for some reason, raising food for food banks has become very important to me. It hurts my heart to hear of families having to decide whether to eat or to pay rent. So why not use these events to try to stock up the food bank a bit. That’s what I did for my last 2 album launches. The latest launch for Still raised 1800 pounds of food and $400! That, truly, was the most exciting thing for me. Still chokes me up to think about the generosity of people.

So if you’re going to be in any of these places, bring some food and please come up and say hi!

Oh, by the way – I BOUGHT A TICKET TO THE RYMAN AUDITORIUM IN NASHVILLE for Nov. 24 – I don’t even care who’s playing – I’m going! I’m going to Nashville! Oh man – what if I run into Deacon or Gunner or Scarlett or Avery or Rayna! I’ll just drop right there in front of them. Spaz right out.  Nashville is my favorite show on TV right now!  Well, that and the Blacklist.

So I guess I didn’t mention that I’m driving all the way – so say a prayer for me, folks, for a safe trip and I’ll catch you on the road!