St. Matthew Church concert, Charlotte, North Carolina


January 27th, 2016

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I really don’t know how this trip could get ANY better.

The concert in Greensboro was absolutely lovely; a small crowd, but so very kind.  I left the next morning, a little sad to leave my new friends, but I had to get to Charlotte.  I got there in 2.5 hrs, checked into the Marriott, then went to the giantest church I’ve ever seen.  This place was like a university campus, people.  The sanctuary holds 2000 people, and I sang at 3 masses where there were 1500 – 1800 people there… for a regular weekend mass.  Funny think was, it still felt like a small community church.  Everyone was so nice!

The concert Sunday night was great too… and a very nice crowd of 475 people contributing well over 1000 pounds of food for the St. Matthew Food Pantry.  By the way, the food pantry is one of over 100 ministries at this church – pretty incredible!Charlotte Nov. 22 after the show.1

When the concert was over, my new friends there presented me with a beautiful bouquet of roses, (got lots of compliments on the shoes…) and the most incredible painting.  Regan White, Richard & Regina’s daughter (Richard was the gentleman who invited me to Charlotte) is an artist, and painted at beautiful water color of… ME!  How incredible is this?  I didn’t open it until I got back to the hotel and I burst into tears when I saw it.  It is so beautiful and 2015-11-22 22.54.01 (3)very humbling to have been presented such a beautiful piece.  I’ll never forget these folks.

So get this… remember the lovely ladies (and gent, Barbara’s husband) all standing in a circle and saying a prayer for my safe travel with the angels surrounding my car?  Well, on Saturday late afternoon, I bumped the curb and damaged my front right tire badly enough that I had to replace it.  Now it’s Saturday, around 5pm, and I thought I was screwed.  I called my husband from the hotel, told him what was going on and described the damage – the tired was bulging a bit on the side and was clear evidence of a broken belt and you can’t drive with a broken belt unless you want to meet your maker sooner rather than later.  Would almost certainly cause a blowout and the speed limit in a lot of places through the states is 70 miles an hour.  And I likes to drive fast.   So I got on line trying to find a place that would be open in the evening because surely to God, no tire place was going to be open on Sunday.

I was wrong.

Not only was there a Goodyear dealer open Sunday morning at 9am, they had ONE tire in stock that would fit my car AND they were across the parking lot from my hotel!  So by 10am Sunday morning, I was ready to go again.  And that, in a nutshell, was how my whole trip went. Everything went my way!!

I was and am so blessed!