The Shoes of John David


August 7th, 2015

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Well well well.  I did some damage to my AMEX to say the least.  But you know what?  After many years, I learned about what quality shoes look and feel like and how they make me looks and feel, and I’m done with the cheap stuff. (Ok, well, I still go for the cheapies if it’s something way unusual that I wouldn’t pay a lot for but want to have for giggles).

So…now… I give you… JOHN DAVID SHOES contribution to my closet.  August 2015.


John David Shoes 2015 Now I ask you.  HOW was supposed to leave any of these behind?  They are all Sasha London and they all wanted to come home with me and I’m too much of a softie to turn anyone away.  Especially those amazing blue ones at the top.  They are officially the most expensive shoes I own.  Mind you, I did not pay the regular price, oh no… I got these babies on sale!

I didn’t forget about you others, my lovelies… take a look at the beautiful orange sling backs… too much.  in the middle beside the orange is a pair of proper, prim, sweet grey suede pumps with the cutest little bow.  They are gorgeous and sweet.  In front of those are the most comfortable things I’ve had on my feet in a while.  I’d have never chosen them, but Jill, my twin who works at John David, chose these for me, knowing me better than I know myself and I walked out of the store wearing these for the rest of the day.  Last but not least are the neatest pair of wedge-type shoes with an iridescent fabric that picks up ever color, so I imagine I’ll be wearing them with every thing I own.

Again.  The happiest shoe day of the year, bar none.  Thank you John David Shoes!!