Tour Time Approaching – UPDATES


October 29th, 2015

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Well, I can hardly function properly, I’m getting so excited.  I have a favor to ask you:

PLEASE some good healthy vibes my way and pray that I don’t get sick!  I swear, I think I’m becoming a hypochondriac!  I’m a little stuffed up today, my throat hurts just a teeny bit and I have a small pimple right in the middle of my forehead.  My hair covers it, so I’m ok, but that just brings me to this:


Ok.  Deep breaths, right?  Ok. I’m good now.  Except for I wake up almost every night thinking about what to wear and what shoes to bring.

So here’s the big news:

For the Nov. 13 concert in Moncton, New Brunswick:

The beautiful Chorale Voce dell’Anima led by Monette Gould is coming!  I can’t believe it – this is just amazing and I’m so thankful.  They are going to come and do a song and then I’m going to join them for the last 2 songs of the night.

For the Nov. 15 concert in Minto, New Brunswick:

Jon Matthews and Johnny Ross are coming with me to play the Minto concert!

Jon Matthews produced, engineered and played on both my albums, and Johnny Ross is an amazing piano player.  Both guys are incredibly talented and entertaining and are they ever gonna make me look good!  I’m so pleased, so if you haven’t found a reason to come to this concert yet, now you have one.  Well, actually three if you count me.

AND we’re doing a promotional video, so stay tuned.

For Nov. 19 concert in Greensboro

Nothing new – just can’t believe I’m going there! So looking forward to staying at my friend’s beautiful home and seeing another good friend again!

For Nov. 22 concert in Charlotte

Did I tell you it’s the biggest church in the whole United States??  I did a telephone interview with the Catholic Herald in Charlotte, and they were just lovely.  I can’t wait to meet these people.

And THEN… I’m popping over to Nashville to do my best to get on the Bluebird stage for open mic.  May the gods of cellular service be with me.  And if THAT wasn’t enough, I bought myself a ticket to the Ryman Auditorium – front row, seat B3!

These are big deals and I have to say I’m feeling pretty spoiled and blessed with all the good coming my way.  I’ll do my best to return it!