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Update on the new Album


March 11th, 2015

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Well, I’ve settled on a name:  “Still“.

It kind of says it all about how I feel about the music on this record.  For me, “Still” means that when I’m “Still“, I can hear and feel the little nudges I sometimes get… you know what I mean, whether it’s God for you, instinct, a hunch, a feeling – whatever it is.  You feel/hear it most when you’re still and quiet.

Another meaning of “Still” for me is even though I was so sick for a while (ulcerative colitis, but I’m alright now!) and my faith was tested A LOT, I “Still” have it ~ my faith, that is, and if anything, it’s stronger.  I “Still” have my health, my family, my husband, music and everything good that was in my life before I was sick.  If anything, I appreciate everything more than I ever did.

So that’s what “Still” means to me.  What does it mean to you?

PS:  I also “Still” have my shoe addiction.  That will NEVER change.  Although I’ve officially run out of room for more.  New house it is then.  Maybe the next album will be named for my shoe thing… it’ll be called “ALWAYS”