Well hello there!


February 15th, 2018

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Hi, folks.  It’s been a while since I dropped by myself, so I thought I’d come by and have a teeny chat.

There isn’t really much new, except that construction has started on our new addition that’s going to house a 2 car garage and… wait for it… a 18×9 foot walk in closet!!!!  Yes, I’ve drawn out what I need, and that should be good for the shoes and most of the clothes.  Man, I have GOT to purge my closet.  And I will, I promise.  I actually do chuck things as I take them out to wear; if they’re no good, they’re gone.  It’s a little hard with the shoes – I just love them all!

I’m on my 3rd cold of the winter since about Dec. 15.  It’s no fun, but I’ll live and I’m grateful for that!

The Christmas record launch went really well, and I’m so proud and grateful for that too!  There were about 9 of just about the finest musicians on PEI there and we played to a crowd of about 800 people!  It was a wonderful night, and I was so happy to have my bestest friend from away there to help me – Karin.  Not to mention, of course, my whole family – my husband Bruce and step-daughter Savannah, and Karin pretty much saved my life all week long leading up to and during the show!  I’m a pretty lucky girl, alright.

One of the bands I’m in – Lady Soul – got the pleasure of opening for Platinum Blonde on New Years Eve!  What a rush!  Know what else is a rush?  Having the worst cold ever and not being able to talk, and being the lead singer for a band that’s opening for Platinum Blonde on NYE!  Yup, that happened.  But I reached out to any singer folk on Facebook and got so much support and love and suggestions, that I was actually able to pull it off.  Not without a PILE OF PRAYER, though.  Then we did it again on New Year’s Day – and if anything, it was better than the night before.  Couldn’t believe it!

Everyone in my circle are healthy and happy; something I’m always happy to report.  I know that this will not always be the case and I’ll take every second they can give me.

So that’s a bit of an update for now.  I LOVE my dog, MOE.  She saves me every morning when I wake up like the Loch Ness Monster.  She turns me into a Care Bear.  It’s kinda gross.  And I LOVE it!  My husband’s pretty happy about that too!

Have fun folks, and as Ellen says, be kind to one another.  Chat soon.