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Well, it’s my birthday month


October 1st, 2014

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Let the celebration begin.

Considering that I almost didn’t make 46, I guess hitting 47’s not so bad.  After all the drama last year with being in the hospital and recovery, I’m pretty happy to report that it’s been a pretty dull 11 months since my return to work.  I caught a cold for a few days, I did have 2 pretty scary days there at the beginning but that got taken care of no problem, and I cut one of my toenails too short and it hurt for a few days.  Other that than, I’m as healthy as ever.

Here’s my secret… I decided I don’t need doctors.  I had 4 doctors all just a-talking about me, and one of them totally didn’t agree with the rest (he was my specialist, by the way), and I got so frustrated at the competing diagnoses … diagnosesees?  Whatever, you know what I mean…. that I decided there’s no longer anything wrong with me.  I don’t have Crohn’s and I don’t have colitis.  I just have an ileostomy and that’s all.  And I’ll tell you something.  From that MOMENT, I felt better, and have been feeling just amazing ever since.  The mind is a powerful thing.

And then of course, I had my John David shoe fix is August which just made everything even more better.

So on Oct. 24, I will have roamed the earth for a full 46 years and begin the transition into my 47 year.  Yeah, no, I don’t like that.  I’m proud to have gotten this far, but I think I’d like to be 38.  Nice, round, unoffensive number.  But a lie.  47 it is.