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Where is the summer going?


August 15th, 2018

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I’ll tell you where it’s going…. AWAY! And quickly! I just love summer here in PEI… the beaches, the salt water, family, barbeques, decks, people coming home to visit, strawberries and the ferry! Know what I’ve done with my summer so far? NOTHING! I haven’t been to the beach, I missed the strawberries because the season was really short because our weather was garbage, so I didn’t get to make my strawberry freezer jam! I made it for the first time last year and it was AWESOME! I make probably 18 bottles and JUST finished the last one off about 3 weeks ago, and now I have no more!!!

Something else I didn’t do was get on the ferry or have a big family barbeque! What’s the matter with me? Time goes way too fast, folks. The good news is I got to spend time with my very good friend Karieann who is from PEI but now lives in Grand Prairie Alberta. That, so far, has been the highlight of my summer.

Another reason I’m not doing a whole bunch is that I’m also in rehearsals for a pretty great show (if I do say so myself) that is going to run at the Victoria Playhouse in beautiful Victoria By the Sea in PEI. I’ve been to Victoria, but not the theatre, I’m ashamed to say, and I can’t wait for this! It’s called Fascinating Ladies and is an extension of the show I did in April-May that toured Seniors Centres across Prince Edward Island. It’s music from the 1920s-70s and we added a Canadian content second half! I just love this music – can’t get enough. There are 3 of us ‘fascinating ladies’ – myself, Catherine O’Brien and Allison Kelly. It runs Sept. 12 – 16 and I think it’s a show you don’t want to miss! You can find ticket information under the “Shows” tab.  http://victoriaplayhouse.com/

Another pretty wonderful opportunity I’ve been given is to work with a United Way recipient and write a song about their experience! The United Way does such wonderful work, and I know it’s it’s only circumstance that I’m not in need of their help – today, anyway. There are 4 artists writing songs and there will be a concert in September to present them in a concert supporting the United Way. Pretty special!  http://www.peiunitedway.com/news

My husband and I are still working on our addition – it’s coming slowly, but hopefully by Christmas I’ll be able to share a picture of my ginormous walk in closet with you! Our existing space is not expanding, but my shoe collection still is.

Oh my God! I almost forgot to tell you the biggest! I’m getting another dog! I’m so excited. Moe (11 yrs old), my baby I got 1.5 yrs ago has truly changed my life and now, her daughter, Annie, is coming to live with us! She’s 9 years old and the pictures are cute as can be. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be so nuts over dogs, but here we are – 2 Shih Tzus in our home!

I sure do hope you all are having a grand summer wherever you are, and if you find yourself on PEI at any point – count yourself lucky and go find some live music somewhere!